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TSi provides summer camps, year round soccer training programs and services to the soccer community.   The Soccer Institute is also proud sponsor of the TSi Premier FC club teams for boys and girls U6 - U18. 
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Mark Mallon - Director of Coaching (Coached collegiate soccer at Yale and University of California)
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 Mark Mallon
 Director of Coaching 

Tips for choosing a club:

One of the most challenging decisions youth soccer parents have to make is choosing a club. 

At the recreational's easy and most families will just choose the local club or recreation department. 

These experiences can be great fun...or challenging depending on your volunteer coaches personality and knowledge.

Some youth coaches...don't have any background of playing soccer..and most have "real jobs" so they don't have a teaching/coaching background which limits teaching even basic skills...

After a few years in the program...your child might show promise many parents realize the need to get them professional coaching and training.

Now comes the hard part....

How do you choose a club...

#1.  Start with the credentials of the club's coaching director and the coaching staff. 

    *Are they certified by the US Soccer Federation ?

All professional coaches should have the USSF national license at least at the "B" class level. 

The top coaches have the USSF "A" license.

License structure:

USSF State licenses start at F, E, D.
Once you get the D then you can go for a national C license.

USSF National licenses are the C, B, A. 

The highest license in the US is the USSF "A" license. 

Top coaches have achieved the USSF A license.

The NSCAA also offers licenses...
many coaches that couldn't pass the more stringent USSF course attended the NSCAA to get a Parent-Coach certificate, or National Diploma.   The Advanced National Dipoma and the Premier Diploma are higher level NSCAA certifications.

Europe also offers coaching licenses.  Many foreign coaches say they have a certificate ...but don't.  Ask to see the actual diploma or certificate.  

"An english no more indicative of a good soccer coach...than an american accent in England is indicative of a good baseball coach".    

Being entertaining to listen far different than being an effective coach....that being said...Europe has played the game for a long time...and if the coach has the certifications they are potentially an excellent coach.

The English FA Badge, Scottish FA Badge, and EUFA Coaching certifications are all excellent benchmarks of reputable and certified coaches from Europe. 

#2.  Review the club philosophy.  Make sure it aligns with your goals and philosophy or you are likely to encounter problems.
A good philosophy should be centered on player development first and foremost. (TSi example)

#3.  Check the club's history of developing players...not their win-loss record. 

A winning record..doesn't always mean that the team play..evaluate their style and judge for yourself if they appear to be well coached.

Has the club produced any outstanding HS, collegiate, or professional players? 

#4.  Watch a training session....

Evaluate the coach-player relationship, organization, etc.    Would your child thrive in that environment?

#5.  Coaches have different styles...

Many coaching styles can work ...depending on the age, ability, and personality of the players.
Coaching boys and girls presents different challenges too...and coaches need to be able to adapt to the group characteristics.

#6.  What is the time/financial commitment. 

Ask about fees up front and recognize that once you don't get a refund for missed training sessions/games as with all enrollment programs.   

Fees vary by academy in Ohio charges $1300 for a 13 week training program.  TSi charges $225 for a similar program.   Higher cost doesn't guarantee a better product or service.