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The Soccer Institute 


We facilitate the development
 of strength and character in every child that participates.

 TSi Premier FC

 Core Values


Participation in our club and training programs are open to boys and girls in NE Ohio region. 

The TSi Premier FC soccer club based in Geauga & Lake County, Ohio with year round training programs
to accelerate the growth of players in the region. 


The TSi Premier FC program sponsored by The Soccer Institute shares our full commitment to provide a positive influence in the lives of our players. 

We welcome all children,  regardless of race, creed or national origin.

TSi is pleased to provide a service to our local community by offering a healthy outlet where every child and young athlete can pursue their athletic goals
and development in preparation of  play in a premier club,  HS, and college.

TSi Summer CAMPS  and Training Programs are open to players from all across the US. 




  Size of the BALL, GOALS, FIELD, PLAYERS on the field by age. (
click here)

  Use this chart to determine your soccer age group.  (click here)
       Note:  Soccer has an August 1 - July 31 birthdate calendar year!


Soccer is a simple game with 17 rules known as Laws of the Game.  

The 17 basic laws are typically modified for children.  
US Youth Soccer modified rules allow for young children to play on a smaller field, reduce the length of the game, reduce the number of players on the field, adapt the offside rule, and allow for open substitutions so players can rest when tired and then return to play. 

 Check with your local league to see their modified rules.       Referee

International soccer follows the FIFA rules of play.             
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)   The world governing body for Soccer.  The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is a member of FIFA along with many other countries.  FIFA organizes the World Cup Tournament.  

 Soccer Rules - 17 Laws of the Game  

   Soccer Rules (Laws)  Links
 Law 1  Field of Play  Diagram and Dimensions
 Law 2  The Ball  Ball size chart by age of player
 Law 3  Players  Guidelines chart by age of player
 Law 4  Player Equipment
 Law 5  Referees  Control the game, coaches, fans !
 Law 6  Linesmen (AR) asst. Ref  Signal ball out, offside, goal, foul.
 Law 7  Duration of the Game  Guidelines chart by age of player
 Law 8  Start of Play  Ball played fwd distance of circumference.
 Law 9  Ball in / out of Play  Whole of ball must cross the line to be out.
 Law 10  Scoring method  Whole of ball crosses over goal line.
 Law 11  Offside      Watch this FIFA offside video
 Law 12  Fouls and misconduct  See rules of play for your league. 
 Law 13  Free Kick  Offense takes the kick after infractions.
 Law 14  Penalty Kick  Direct kick on Goalkeeper from 12 yds.
 Law 15  Throw-in  Throw ball in after it's kicked over sideline.
 Law 16  Goal Kick  Defense gets goal kick from 6yd Goal box. 
 Law 17  Corner Kick  Offense takes corner if defensive kicks out.















Rules by Associations:

Youth Soccer

High School Soccer

College Soccer

Professional & International

 Youth   Youth rules vary by state/league (see states below) USSF
 High School  National Federation of High schools NFHS
 College  NCAA College Soccer NCAA 
 International - The Laws of the Game 

High School:   NFHS (National Federation of HS)    OHSAA (Ohio)
College:            Visit our College Soccer section (click here)

State Youth Soccer Associations rules: Check with your state !

Globe The United States has 55 state soccer associations !
The Soccer Institute has listed them all for you on one page...
Before we begin.. take The Soccer Institute geography challenge!

Question #1:  How many states make up the United States of America?
                          Hint:  Don't forget to include Hawaii and Alaska !
                          Hint:  For 1st - 4th graders:   A=48   B=50   C=52   D=55
Question #2:  Which states have two soccer associations?  

Soccer Institute...Get Smart Trivia Challenge
            OK time is up....answers please...

How do you measure up on the Soccer Institute geography Challenge ?

Soccer Institute geography of the United States challenge answers:
Answer #1:            There are 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. The correct answer was B.
Answer #2:            California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  and Texas have two associations.

The five states that have two associations were split because they have many registered players and cover a large geographic area.'re Smarter than a 5th grader !

You are now a SOCCER INSTITUTE graduate!

 Graduates may click     to go to State Associations