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Elite Academy

 Elite Academy Camp
 July 19 - 23

   Elite Academy Camp:  Ages 10 - 16
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  • This camp is designed for Travel and Premier level inidviduals and teams.     
  • Train like a youth professional.   Coaching - USSF A licensed coach Mark Mallon will train the Elite Academy group.
  • Day or resident option is available.   Day 9-3pm  /  Resident Monday 9am - Friday 3pm
  • Boys and Girls ages 10 - 16                Limited to 36 players per group.
  • Date:   July 6-10                            Day Camp tuition - $195     /    Resident Camp tuition - $350    
  • Teams are encouraged to enroll together for the Elite Academy Camp.
  • Curriculum includes:  technical skills, speed of play, first touch, receiving, principles of play, roles of players, systems, and tactics.
  • Training and competition daily.   Multiple training sessions with daily games.

    Registration THE ELITE ACADEMY PROGRAM - is limited to 36 players per week ages 10 - 16. 
    This camp is for experienced players (travel, premier, and high school) looking to take their game to the next level. 
    Training standards are high..players will live the life of a European youth professional club player at The Soccer Institute.


    AGES 10 - 16

    Elite Academy -  July 19 - 23

    Day Camp   $195

    Resident $350






    Group 1: Ages 10 - 12yrs     Group 2:  Ages 13 - 16 yrs.





                   The Soccer Institute camp facility pictured here features a new grass field and goals, kick-wall, indoor training arena, 
                    dining hall, satellite TV, horseback riding, lake swimming, boating, and fishing.  The residential cabins are air-conditioned and 
                    there are some cabins with brand new Ikea Bunk Beds and original mattress factory bedding !        

                    We invite you to enjoy the beauty, privacy, and security of our scenic 75 acre's just 35 miles east of Cleveland !


    • Weekend Camp - Tournament:  Four teams per weekend. 

    • We are excited to introduce the TSi Tournament - Camp Weekend !

    • All inclusive $150 per player covers the tournament, meals, lodging, camp, T-shirt, awards !

      • 4 Regulation games (not shortened games like most tournaments)
      • Teams recieve skill development camp training sessions by USSF A licensed coach included.     
      • Lodging for the players and a coach is included.
      • Meals for players and a coach is included.
      • Coaches are not required to attend but are invited compliments of TSi.
      • Weekend Camp tournaments are for Travel Players and teams.
      • Individuals may enroll to be placed on a "World Team" for competition.
      • All teams will lodge on TSi campus for the weekend. 
      • Leisure activities include - swimming, boating, fishing, horses, bonfire..
      • Team building, games, movies, and Team Sleep over at TSi ! 

         Boys U10 - U11 Youth Team Weekend Camp / Tournament 
         Lodging/Meals included. Limited to 4 Teams !   $150 per player.
         Individuals enrolling will be added to "World Team".  Book Now!

         Girls U10 - U11  Youth Team Weekend Camp / Tournament 
         Lodging/Meals included. Limited to 4 Teams !   $150 per player.
         Individuals enrolling will be added to "World Team".  Book Now!

         Boys U12 - U14 Youth Team Weekend Camp / Tournament 
         Lodging/Meals included. Limited to 4 Teams !   $150 per player.
         Individuals enrolling will be added to "World Team".  Book Now!

         Girls U12 - U14  Youth Team Weekend Camp / Tournament 
         Lodging/Meals included. Limited to 4 Teams !   $150 per player.
         Individuals enrolling will be added to "World Team".  Book Now!



        Residential campers stay in our on-site air-conditioned lakeside cabins.                                                       
        New Ikea bunk beds and original mattress factory bedding mattresses.

                     New Camp Beds                               Director's Cabin Interior

        Residential campers stay in our on-site lakeside air-conditioned cabins.
        Many have new Ikea bunk beds and original mattress factory bedding. 

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        High School

          Schedule of Camps

        Teams - may reserve any week or weekend June - August.
        Chagrin Girls Team CampTeam Victory...San Ramon Soccer Club

            A week of Team Camp...   Could get your TEAM feeling like this!

        Camp Program Tuition 

        Ages: 4 - 8 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Monday - Friday Tuition:  $150
        Grade: K - 9 Andrews Osborne Camp Monday - Thursday July 5 - 8 Tuition:  $135
        Grade: 1 - 8 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday Tuition:  $195
        Ages: 9 - 16 Resident ( 5 Days)  Monday 9am - Friday 3pm Tuition:  $395
        Ages: 9 - 16 Resident  Weekend Friday 6pm - Sunday 4pm Tuition:  $150
        Ages: 10 - 16 Elite Academy  (Day) Monday - Friday (9am - 3pm) Tuition:  $195
        Ages: 10 - 16 Elite Academy (Resident) Monday - Friday (9am -3pm) Tuition:  $35
        Ages: U10 - U14 Team Tournament Camp Weekend Saturday-Sunday Tuition:  $150
        HS/Club Teams TEAM CAMPS RESERVE any Week / Weekend Group Rates

        The Soccer Institute specializes in TEAM CAMPS.

         High School We design the curriculum to match your system of play and formation!
         Travel Team

        Coaches, managers, or team parents can reserve a camp date for the team.


        We offer camps for recreational teams & leagues at TSi or your local fields


         RESERVE A DATE 
         *click link to send a reservation email today ! 
         CALL (440) 708 - 6053
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           (June to August)


        The Soccer Institute 


        We facilitate the development
         of strength and character in every child that participates.

         TSi Premier FC

         Core Values


        Participation in our club and training programs are open to boys and girls in NE Ohio region. 

        The TSi Premier FC soccer club based in Geauga & Lake County, Ohio with year round training programs
        to accelerate the growth of players in the region. 


        The TSi Premier FC program sponsored by The Soccer Institute shares our full commitment to provide a positive influence in the lives of our players. 

        We welcome all children,  regardless of race, creed or national origin.

        TSi is pleased to provide a service to our local community by offering a healthy outlet where every child and young athlete can pursue their athletic goals
        and development in preparation of  play in a premier club,  HS, and college.

        TSi Summer CAMPS  and Training Programs are open to players from all across the US. 


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