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The Soccer Institute 


We facilitate the development
 of strength and character in every child that participates.

 TSi Premier FC

 Core Values


Participation in our club and training programs are open to boys and girls in NE Ohio region. 

The TSi Premier FC soccer club based in Geauga & Lake County, Ohio with year round training programs
to accelerate the growth of players in the region. 


The TSi Premier FC program sponsored by The Soccer Institute shares our full commitment to provide a positive influence in the lives of our players. 

We welcome all children,  regardless of race, creed or national origin.

TSi is pleased to provide a service to our local community by offering a healthy outlet where every child and young athlete can pursue their athletic goals
and development in preparation of  play in a premier club,  HS, and college.

TSi Summer CAMPS  and Training Programs are open to players from all across the US. 


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Chris Sawicki - Cal

Was told he wasn't fast enough to play division I soccer.....

He started for four years and led Cal to a school record #2 rank and the 7th best defense in the nation in 1999 under Coach Mallon !



Sound of Music Soccer Field...The Hills are Alive with the sound of football !

Soccer Field


Sound of Music Field - Austria 

Adult Soccer Field Dimensions:  

The optimum size is 75 yards (68.58m) by 120 yards (109.73m).

Rules: The field of play shall be rectangular. Width shall not exceed the length. 
The width shall not be more than 80 yards (73.15M) nor less than 65 yards (59.44m)
The length shall not be more than 120 yards (109.72m) nor less than 110 yards (100.58m).

 US Youth Soccer Field Dimensions




 Age  Field Width  Field Length
 Youth  Min - Maximum  Min - Maximum
 U6 - U7  (15 - 20 yards)  (25 - 30 yards)
 U8  (20 - 25 yards)  (30 - 40 yards)
 U9  (30 - 35 yards)  (40 - 50 yards)
 U10  (40 - 50 yards)  (60 - 70 yards)
 U11  (40 - 50 yards)   (70 - 80 yards)
 U12  (40 - 55 yards)  (100 - 105 yards)
 U13  (50 - 60 yards)  (100 - 110 yards)
 Adult  (65 - 80 yards)  (110 - 120 yards)
 International  (70 - 80 yards)  (110 - 120 yards)

Youth Soccer Field Diagrams and Dimensions

 U10 Field Diagram   Click here
 U8 Field Diagram  Click here

 Adult Field Diagram


 US Youth Soccer Goal Dimensions


 Age  Goal Size  Goal Size
 Youth  Minimum  Maximum
 U6 - U7  4.5' H x 9' W  6.5' H x 12' W
 U8  4.5' H x 9' W   6.5' H x 12' W
 U9  6.5' H x 12' W   6.5' H x 18.5' W
 U10  6.5' H x 18.5' W    7' H  x  21' W 
 U11  6.5' H x 18.5' W   8' H  x  24' W 
 U12  7' H  x  21' W   8' H  x  24' W 
 U13  8' H  x  24' W   8' H  x  24' W 
 Adult  8' H  x  24' W   8' H  x  24' W 
 International  8' H  x  24' W   8' H  x  24' W 

God...Please make the goal small today.Goal
God....Please make the Goals small today..and bless the goal posts!

 US Youth Players and Ball Size

 Age  Players per team  Ball
 Youth  Recommended*  Size
 U6 - U7  3 v 3  3
 U8  4 v 4  3
 U9  6 v 6  4
 U10  8 v 8  4
 U11  9 v 9  4
 U12  11 v 11  4
 U13  11 v 11  5
 Adult  11 v 11  5
 International  11 v 11  5
   *Leagues vary. Check local rules  

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Soccer Institute - High School Team TSI Residential Training Center
High School Team Camps

The Soccer
Institute training center 35 miles from Cleveland, OH hosts camps. 

TSi specializes in TEAM CAMPS

  Residential Soccer Camps for club and High School TEAMS !