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TSi college soccer coverage includes rankings, NCAA Men's College CupWomen's College Cup Soccer Tournament schedules and results....and more...

The TSI College Soccer Guide -  provides links to Men's and Women's College soccer programs, NCAA Eligibility Rules, academic admission criteria, scholarships, and tips for prospective student-athletes to get recruited. 


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University of Akron Men's Soccer is #1 in the nation....undefeated record 23-0-0  (Read more here).
University of North Carolina women's soccer team captures another title !  (NCAA Tournament)
Men's NSCAA Division 1 all - America Team (2009 Men's College all-America Team)

COLLEGE SOCCER is the natural progression for talented and dedicated youth and high school players. 

What are you doing to prepare for college soccer admission?


         NCAA Rules require you to take specific CORE Courses to be eligible to play in college.
         NCAA Rules require you to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.
         NCAA Rules require you to take the SAT test and achieve a specific score to receive a scholarship.
         Most colleges have a sliding admission scale...factoring in both SAT scores and high school GPA.

COLLEGE SOCCER... A summary for the high school player

College coaches are busy people.  They have to train and monitor their current student athletes, scout opponents, handle administrative details (schedule games/team travel, budgeting, NCAA compliance) and of course there is the RECRUITING !

The United States is a big country....geographically and in coaches can't see everyone!

High school players (also called prospects) will be competing for admission and limited scholarship funds with a lot of  other high school players from across the nation for that scholarship to the top programs. 

So you will likely need a few tips to get you started in the right direction.     See TIPS below.

How do you get recruited to play college soccer ?

Well...if you are very lucky...your high school or club coach knows all the college soccer coaches personally, has a good reputation with them for identifying and developing players that succeed in college so their recommendation is valued and gets you in the door.   Most high school players aren't so lucky...

High school prospects should take the initiative to send a letter with a resume to college coaches in their freshman year to request information that is required for admission to that school.   Many high school players wait until Junior year...when it's too late to make up missing core classes, or raise their GPA (Grade Point Average) high enough to meet certain college CAL and the IVY LEAGUE.

Playing high school and Premier club soccer provides prospects many advantages; the primary one is admissions support and for the elite player assistance with financing a college education.

         BENEFITS of being a recruited STUDENT - ATHLETE:

  • Admission support by the athletic department may get you in to a top rated school.
  • Athletic Scholarship funds for exceptional athletes.  Many opportunities for female soccer players!
  • Academic Support for enrolled student athletes.
  • Athletic housing, Team Travel, and building lifetime friendships.
Tips for HIGH SCHOOL players:    
Send a letter right now to the college coaches at schools you are considering attending.
In the letter include contact information, year of high school graduation, and playing awards/history.
     Ask the coach to send you the school requirements for admission. 
5.      Ask the coach about their recruiting needs for your year of graduation and if scholarship is available.
6.      You should watch the college team play, so you know their level of play, system, coaching methods. 
7.      Many high school recruits are unrealistic about their goals.   Everyone can't play division I !!!
8.      GET YOUR ACADEMICS IN ORDER NOW !     Coaches want responsible students that they don't have to follow around to get them to attend class and stay NCAA Eligible.   YOU become a much better prospect for the college coach to support with admissions if you have a good academic record.   

REMEMBER: College Coaches can only support a limited number of prospects each year!   

NOTE:  The Soccer Institute will provide you with a free sample prospect letter to send to college coaches.   
IT's FREE...       We also offer a fee based college recruitment assistance program. (See below).             
Send email requests to: for your     sample prospect letter.
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  The Soccer Institute - Training Center Programs & Services

    About US -  The Soccer Institute (TSi)  
    TSi ProgramsCamps, TSi Premier, Training
Summer Camps - Day, Resident, Teams
    TSi Premier Soccer Club - professionally coached boys & girls teams ages 6 - 18.

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The Soccer Institute Resource and Reference Center is designed to be a useful aid for soccer players, parents, and coaches at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.  We are committed to providing research, resources, and free content for the soccer community in the United States.  

The Soccer Institute training center located in the Cleveland area of NE Ohio in Geauga County offers  summer soccer camps, and is the premier training facility for the TSi Premier Soccer Club in Ohio. 

The main links on our site pages Top Row  are for the TSi Training Center headquarters in Ohio.
The main links on our site pages Bottom Row are for our national soccer audience. 

We invite you to read the About Us page to learn more about The Soccer Institute and our developmental soccer programs and services offered at the TSi National Training Center campus headquarters in Ohio.  

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  You can contribute opinions, content, or cool links that you like to:

The Soccer Institute provides the soccer community
in the United States with regional and national services.

Guide to Services

  • Youth Soccer Leagues and clubs:          Youth leagues - Coaching and Player development Programs and Camps at your location.
  • Summer Residential TEAM Camps:        High School Team CAMPS and Youth Club TEAM camps are our SPECIALTY !
  • Summer Residential Camps:                    Residents (Ages 9 -18)   Youth and High School Elite Academy Camps
  • Summer Camp/Tournaments:                  Four teams per Weekend stay overnite at TSi for camp training and 4 tournament Games
  • Summer College Pre - Season:                Men's and Women's College teams rent our facility for a GET-A-WAY Pre-Season Training Camp.
  • Tournaments:                                               We host SPRING, FALL, SUMMER YOUTH TOURNAMENTS (4v4, 7v7, and 11 v 11) . 
  • Consulting - Events/Marketing:                 Commercial/TV/Movie technical direction / Events and Marketing for corporate partners
  • College Recruit - Referral Services:       Our services are limited to a small number of qualified candidates annually.
    • We guide our clients through the college soccer recruitment, admission, and scholarship process.
    • We observe, evaluate, train and provide reference for our clients to our national college coaching network.
    • Prospects should contact us in their Freshmen, Sophomore, or Junior Year.       

      The Soccer Institute (
      TSi) National Training Center is located in the Cleveland, Ohio region.
      The seventy-five acre scenic campus in Geauga County is located 38 miles east of Cleveland.  Map/Directions
      Ground transportation from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is provided for resident campers.
        Regional Services

          Residential and Day Programs at the TSi National Training Center include:
  • Summer Day Camps:                                  Youth (Ages 5 - 16) Recreational to Elite (Premier) level players.   SKILLS CAMP.
  • Summer Residential Camps:                    Residents (Ages 9 -18)   Youth and High School Camps
  • Summer Residential TEAM Camps:        High School Team CAMPS and Youth Club TEAM camps are our SPECIALTY !
  • Summer Camp/Tournaments:                  Four teams per Weekend stay overnite at TSi for camp training and 4 tournament Games!
  • Summer College Pre - Season:                Men's and Women's College teams rent our facility for a GET-A-WAY Pre-Season Training Camp.
  • Tournaments:                                               We host SPRING, FALL, SUMMER YOUTH TOURNAMENTS (4v4, 7 v7, and 11 v 11)
  • TSi Premier FC club soccer:                     U8 - U18 Premier Club Soccer year round teams and training programs.

The TSi Training Center includes air-conditioned residential lake-front cabins for summer camps, tournaments, and visiting club, college, and professional teams from the US and abroad.   

Facilities Guide:                                                                               


  • Scenic and secure seventy five acre campus in Geauga County.  A rural suburb 38 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • A short drive to scenic Amish country and just 5 miles from a great WaterPark with slides, Go Carts, Miniature Golf...
  • Residential lake-front cabins accommodate up to 75 overnight residents.  (Air conditioned cabins)  
  • Outdoor soccer fields - Youth, High School, Adult.    Training Field marked with grid lines for training exercises.
  • Indoor Soccer Training Arena  - Astroturf  (4 v 4 Game size field)
  • KICK - WALL   (Goalkeeper and Striker training with full sized goal dimensions). 
  • Dining hall accommodates 75 guest for indoor dining.   Outdoor covered picnic pavilion accomodates 120.
  • Showers and bathroom facilities service the cabins and dining hall.
  • Computer stations with wireless high speed DSL and seven computers.  XBox 360 Gaming
  • Swimming lake with sand beach.
  • Leisure time activities:  Hikng trails, horseback riding, swimming, boating, Fishing, Computers, indoor/outdoor sports. 
  • Residential campers:  Evening camp fires, soccer instructional DVD's, movies, and board games.


 The Soccer Institute  Contact Information 
 Phone:  (440) 708 - 6053
 Fax:  (440) 435 - 2020
 National Training Center:  17445 Huntley Road, Windsor, Ohio 44099

 (NE Ohio - 35 miles east of Cleveland in scenic Geauga County)
 Map / Directions:  Map / Driving Directions      (Greater Cleveland Ohio)